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Pavo FieldCaregödningsmedel för gräs i hästhagar

Pavo FieldCare - gödningsmedel för gräs i hästhagar

Produktinformation Pavo FieldCare

If a paddock is not fertilised, the quality of the grass sward declines over time. As a result, a paddock can slowly deteriorate into a field of weeds. A healthy paddock needs good maintenance fertilising. Especially for this purpose, we have developed Pavo FieldCare: the ideal fertiliser for maintaining a thick and healthy sward. Pavo FieldCare contains a special nitrogen compound that is released slowly (over 2 to 3 months). As a result, the grass grows well while its protein content stays low. Pavo FieldCare also contains phosphate, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and sodium, geared specifically to paddocks and horse pasture.


Viktiga egenskaper
  • contains ENTEC
  • slow-release nitrogen
  • for a healthy paddock


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Säck 20 kg

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